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Flying School Classrooms

Becoming a pilot involves practical training. One must get into an aircraft and practice flying. There are written exams required to ensure the candidate has the required knowledge for all licenses and most ratings. Ground school plays a vital role in obtaining the required knowledge.

Flight training is done on an individual basis; ground school is usually done in a group of 10 to 30 students. Although not individual, ground school gives the student the opportunity to meet and interact with fellow students. A good theoretical knowledge is essential to becoming a good pilot.

Pilot Training in India

Most flying schools have classrooms equipped with tables and chairs, although a few of the classrooms may have individual desks. They are equipped with a white board for the instructor to write notes and diagrams for the student. Classrooms were equipped with chalk boards in the past. Most classrooms are equipped with audiovisual equipment such as a DVD player to view training videos/DVDs. Overhead projectors and power point presentations are also used extensively in ground school.Ground school and well equipped class rooms are an important part of flight training, and essential to a student’s success.