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Become an Airline Pilot

An airline pilot is one of the most exciting careers in the world. It offers adventure, and the opportunity to travel and meet many interesting people. An airline pilot is also a career of incredible responsibility. You are responsible for hundreds of millions of dollars of aircraft, and hundreds of lives. Any misjudgment or carelessness puts all this at risk. A career as an airline pilot requires a huge investment and a tremendous commitment.

The first step in becoming an airline pilot is the private pilot’s license. This gives the holder the right to fly, but not to work as a pilot. The candidate must complete the commercial pilot pilot’s license to work.

A job as an airline pilot will not be the candidate’s first job. Most airlines require at least a few thousand hours from an applicant. That means the would-be airline pilot must have “sub-goals” and work their way up.

become an airline Pilot

A lot of pilots begin their careers as flight instructors. This gives one the pleasure of training people to become pilots, while building hours quickly.
Another step is in charter flying. Charter pilots fly twin-engine piston or turbo-prop aircraft to destinations usually within a few hundred miles of their airport. Some individuals become a charter pilot as their first flying job; others become a charter pilot after flight instructing or working on the ramp.

After getting the necessary qualifications, interviews and tests, one is ready to join the airlines. The first position will usually be on an A320 or a B-737 as a first officer doing local or short-haul routes. Depending upon the airline, the individual can work their way up to fly larger aircraft such as the A380 or B-777, on international routes. After 5 or 10 years one may have the ability to work their way up to Captain. This is the ultimate flying job!

An airline pilot gives the individual the opportunity to travel to many interesting places, both while on duty and on holidays. It is a career of adventure with great benefits. Unlike so many jobs where it is the same thing every day, an airline pilot provides new and different challenges every day. A career as an airline pilot demands a huge investment, and a huge commitment. A lot of effort is required to get one’s self to the level of airline pilot. An effort well worth it!


Commercial Pilot’s License with HM Aviation

So you want to become a pilot? The thought of leaving earth and making a career above the clouds appeals to you! A pilot is one of the most exciting careers one can achieve.

Like all other careers, becoming a pilot requires training. The first step in flight training is the private pilot license . It is a prerequisite to the commercial pilot license. The private pilot’s license gives you the privilege of flying an aircraft for personal reasons, and for recreation, but not for a salary. It also allows you to hour build for your commercial pilot license.

The private pilot course begins in the practice area near the airport where you will learn basic flying skills such as climbs, descents, level flight and turns. The next step is practicing take-offs and landings. In a short while you will master this, and be sent for your first solo. This is an achievement nobody ever forgets. After your first solo, you will learn specialty take-offs and landings. You will go back to the practice area and lean more advanced manoeuvres. You practice navigation, and fly to another airport; first with an instructor, and then by yourself. Some review, and you are ready for your flight test. Like all skills, there is theory which must be learned. Ground school will cover the required theory to make you a competent pilot. A written exam must be passed as well as a flight test. Once these are complete; you join the ranks of being a licensed pilot!

Commercial Pilot

The private pilot license is a start to every flying career. You must have a commercial pilot’s license before you can work as a pilot. To obtain a commercial pilot’s license, you must have at least 200 hours flying experience. You also must do “advanced dual” with an instructor. This includes advanced flight maneuvers, instrument flying, and navigation. You will also do cross-country flights to airports, including a trip to an airport at least 300 miles away. All of this will be an adventure, and a great start to an exciting career. The commercial pilot’s license also requires more ground school, and another written exam. Successful completion of the written exam, flight test along with a minimum of 200 hours will earn you the commercial pilot’s license.