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Steps involved in Becoming a Pilot

Becoming a pilot is relatively straight forward.Following a few steps will make the dream come true.

First: one must decide they want to become a pilot, and be determined to do whatever is necessary. This is the most important part; it will keep one focused.

Second: one must obtain a medical. A Class 1 medical is required for a commercial license, a Class 3 for a private license.

Third: one must start training for their Private Pilot License. Whether one wants to fly as a career or for pleasure, this is the first step. A minimum of 45 flying hours and 40 hours of ground school are required. One must also pass a written and flight test. The Private Pilot License gives one the ability to fly for pleasure, but not for a salary.

Become A Pilot

Fourth: After completing the Private Pilot License, one may communes training for a Commercial Pilot’s License. A minimum of 200 flying hours are required as well as 80 additional hours of ground school. A flight test and a written test are also required. A Commercial Pilot’s License gives one the ability to get paid to fly.

Additional Steps: Different people have different goals in flying.Some people go on to do other ratings such as a flight instructor’s rating, and start their career teaching others to fly. Others do ratings such as float training,and build hours “bush flying”. Some do their multi-engine and instrument ratings, and do charter flying. For those who wish to fly advanced aircraft, 1500 hours flying and an Airline Transport Pilot License is required.

There are many ways to start a flying career; one must choose what’s right for them.


Points to consider when considering becoming a pilot

Being the part of aviation sector as pilot an amazing thought? Even the idea to fetch a job as pilot brings in smile on your face. Is not the air shudder combined with whirls of the sounds make for a great affect? The answer, for sure, has to be yes. However, the entire journey of becoming a pilot can give anyone tough time. Not only it is an easy task but also requires dedication, lots of patience and genuine interest along with several other things. If you have these traits then you can kick start your journey as pilot! If you are thinking how to become a pilot then a few things you should always consider are given below:

Do financial planning properly

It is important for you to remember that becoming a pilot is an expensive affair. Unless you have sufficient funds in pocket, you should not start this professional journey. There are different levels of training involved – student, private and commercial. Many times students are not able to complete the training because of lack of funds while there are others who seek financial assistance to finish their training. Hence, figuring out finances in advance can help you go a long way. Once you are done with training, and has earned license as commercial pilot, you can earn it back with promising salary.

How to become a Pilot

Get enrolled with a flight training school

It is one of the most important aspects of learning flying. Unless you are able to locate the established and reputed flying school, you cannot achieve the purpose. For it, you have to put in best of the efforts and time. Look for colleges which are offering right courses, and contact them to know about the training they are providing, schedule they have, pre-requisites and amenities. Make sure the school you are choosing flight training at different levels and is accredited to the aviation authority.

Age Factor

You can enrol for flight training only if you meet the pre-requisites. You can start learning flying from the age of 16, and may get private license by the time you complete 17 years of age.

Organize documents properly

In order to get enrolled with pilot training school, there are certain medical tests that you need to clear. Medical examination is performed be relevant authorities. Medical examination involves undergoing completed tests which helps in determining the health, vision and hearing efficiency of the aspiring candidate. In order to go solo, one has to be minimum of 16 years of age and have a student pilot, be able to speak, read and write fluently in English.

In order to become commercial pilot, one has to fulfil several pre-requisites. Unless you have commercial licence, you will not be able to get a paid job. Journey of fetching commercial licence, although is not easy, but can help you achieve desirable goals in life. Duration of becoming a pilot depends on several factors. You might face challenges and failures but patience can keep you going. Being mentally and physically strong is extremely important for those who want to become a pilot.