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Looking for Cheap Pilot Training ?

The job of a pilot is considered honorable and given its much deserved respect . Many of us have also set our goals and priority towards this amicable job. We think that hard work and dedication is all it takes to become a pilot but to be practical , the high cost of many academies is pulling many focused students away from their goals . What we need is a flight academy which we can rely on thoroughly and which doesn’t burn our hard earned cash .

Flight schools in India are also proving to be a great success . But what students actually look forward to is a place which provides them good quality services along with cost friendly training .

Every student looks for Cheap pilot training school with money saving and wants a good facility package of better pilot training with the cheapest fee . Students should always opt for a flight school with low fee while still maintaining their standards . Flight schools should be dedicated towards their students where each student gets a better training in good environments . There can be many cheap pilot training academies but to be motivating towards their students is the real deal.

Cheapest pilot Training

They should offer the best services to their students giving utmost importance to safety and security . Their mission has to be aviation education . Flight instructors need to be licensed . Flight instructors should be able to provide students the proper skills and knowledge to enable them to achieve their goals.

We all have an idea of how much investment we have to make in a flight training program . Amidst all this we always tend to look for a money saving yet a worthy flight training program . Every student desires for great flight training program but has to keep the cost of the flight training in his mind. A flight school having all the desired qualities which are of at most importance is HM Aviation .


How does USA stand in terms of Pilot Training

The United States of America is known around the world for its use of advanced technology in every sector and is even considered as a super power , but how does the flight training in this “superpower country ” stands up ?

A pilot’s job is a very specialized and competitive job which requires full dedication and determination . Proper knowledge of air navigation , interpretation of meteorological reports , leading the aircraft under adverse conditions is required . A pilot must be disciplined , patient and responsible for passengers and the crew .

Pilots in the US go through pilot training as private individuals with flight instructor , who maybe employed by a flight academy Applicants begin their journey with an undergraduate aviation based education . Almost all pilot certificates and ratings require the applicant to go through a knowledge test . The test results being valid for a period of 2 years which are usually prerequisite for practical tests . To give these knowledge tests , applicants must be required to have a sign off from a ground or flight instructor .

A practical test , usually called a check ride is also required For each practical test , a Practical Test Standards document is published by the FAA which the applicants are expected to study .

Pilot Training in India

Pilots need to have long flying hours as the Air carriers generally hire pilots with a lot of experience . Getting a Pilot’s License opens up doors of opportunity you may never have envisioned before . In the United States under the FAA , you can get a Commercial Pilot License which will provide wings to your flight . But Commercial Pilot License is a mixture of Hard work , determination , and the will to succeed.

The basic requirement to obtain the license and the privileges it confers are agreed internationally by International Civil Aviation Organization . To be eligible for CPL , the applicant must be able to read , speak , write and understand English . In order to become a Commercial Airline Pilot , there are several certificates and ratings that you will need . The first thing you need is a Private Pilot License , which will allow you to fly on your own , but does not allow you to receive payment for flying .

To proceed in this field you will need a Commercial pilot certificate , which permits you to receive payment for your flight services . You earn this certificate by passing commercial pilot ground school and logging atleast 250 flight hours , with allotted time dedicated to certain conditions and maneuvers .

Aircrafts made for training

We always make sure that no stone is left unturned when choosing the desirable flight school . We give our best in searching for the right flight training school best suited for us . The facility should be well built , management should be supportive , trainers need to be experienced . But one feature of a flight school one which we forget to pay heed to the quality and condition of flight aircrafts . Many flight schools tend to pay attention on training packages rather on their aircrafts .

It is very important for us to train on a suitable aircraft which is certified for flight training and of course in a good condition . Now a question arises , which is the best aircraft to get trained at and its alternatives . Now one thing that comes in our mind while thinking about aircrafts is how well they are maintained and the amount of safety it offers . While talking of aircrafts , two of the best aircrafts to get trained at are Cessna and Piper . Both of these aircraft companies are trustworthy and have proven to provide the best aircrafts for Pilot training . Both of these aircrafts have gone through a real acid test and have proved to be quite worthy and at the same tine be recommended by high grade pilots .

Flight Training

Let us first consider Cessna 172 which is considered to be one of the best aircrafts for flight training . The Cessna is a four seated aircraft found with a single engine , high wing , fixed wing aircraft . If we have to keep the longevity and popularity , the Cessna 172 is the most successful aircraft in the history of aviation . The Cessna 172 has received a lot of positive feedbacks , and students always tend to prefer this aircraft for their training . Now coming to Piper , the PA 34 Seneca is their most successful aircraft yet which has been in the aviation industry for quite a bit now .

The Piper PA 34 Seneca is an American twin-engined light aircraft , produced by Piper aircraft since 1971 and still in production in 2014. Both of these aircrafts have made the aviation industry proud and it would be a pleasure to continue their further use in the field of aviation .